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Here you'll find the various type of geospatial data offered by Jabatan Tanah & Ukur Sabah.


Gazette Map

This is a map showing an area gazetted for certain purposes such as kampong reserve, government reserve, grazing reserve and etc. This is classified as a restricted data which required permission from Lands & Surveys Department to obtain.

Land Cover Map

This is a map produce from satellite images showing the type of natural or man made activities covering the earth surface such as type of vegetation, settlement area, hydrography and etc. The Map scale is in 1:100,000.                                                             

Land Development Plan

This map is produced from aerial photographs showing the earth's surface relief. The scale of the digital plan is 1:2500. The coverage for Land Development Map are only concentrated on town areas. Features captured including contour, transportation, buildings and etc.

Cadastral Map

The Cadastral Map is a representation of the land parcel fabric, accurately mapped with ground survey done to the accuracy standards required. Each Land Parcel have a unique common identifier known as title number with parcel-based information including survey plan no, survey date, surveyor, field book number and etc.

District Map

This Map consists of the district administrative boundary in sabah. There are 25 district maps all together covering state of sabah. Information gathered from these maps is kampong, roads, shoreline and rivers.



Geodetic Data

Geodetic Data consist of survey control point such as Doppler, GPS and Trig Stations.

Survey Plan

This is a plan produced from the ground survey. Survey plan contains information about the field survey job such as ground mark, bearing and distance, traverse etc. This plan is only available in raster image.

Traverse Volume

Traverse Volume consists of survey computation information such as ground mark number, bearing, distance and coordinates.