About Us

SALIS is the project undertaken by the state of government of Sabah through the Department of Lands and Surveys, Sabah.From the pilot project of web map using Geomedia Web Map Version 1 in 1997, SALIS project has been re-developed and is currently driven by Geomedia Web Map Version 6.0.

SALIS aims to serve both government and the public and it has been designed to cater for both Government-to-Government (G2G) and Government-to-Business (G2B) protocols.

It is the aspirations of the Lands and Surveys Department to enhance and upgrade the delivery system through SALIS to all in line with the demand of this globalisation age. It extends as the new frontier of the department.

The main functionalities offered by SALIS are Searches and Queries, Products Browsing, Web Mapping and in future, Prepaid Internet Shopping. For the general public, it serves as a Geospatial Portal as well as an electronic counter (E-Counter) which is open for services 24 hours daily.